Replacement Filter Bags

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Please note: We use Dura-Life™ Bags because they last 2-3 Times Longer than Standard Polyester.
For more information on Dura-Life™ Bag technology click here.

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Original Media


Part #


Operating Temp

Bag Dimensions: To Determine Replacement Filter Bag dimensions,
please Refer to Bag Drawing.
a. Length b. Width c. Diameter

Top Construction
Raw TopHook StyleCord-Inserted CuffSnap-Bend
Other (describe)

If snap band provide
tubesheet hole diameter and tubesheet thickness

Bottom Construction
Closed Bottom Flat SewnRound DiskOval Disk
Oval Disk Size
Open Bottom Cord-Inserted CuffSnap Band

Other Options
Abrasion Cuff Provide Cuff Width (inches) Abrasion Cuff Location
Expansion Rings Quantity Expansion Rings Location

Ground Wire in SeamCopperStainless

Application Description