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Magnetic Products, Inc.Magnetic Products, Inc.

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Magnetic Separators


Drawer MagnetDrawer magnets

MPI offers six standard drawer magnets designed to meet customer specifications and budget requirements. Drawer magnets remove small-to-medium-sized ferrous tramp metal contaminants from dry, granular free-flowing product streams in gravity-fed vertical chutes.  Shown is the quick-clean drawer magnet and housing which can be cleaned in less than ten seconds, making it the easiest quick-clean magnet available in the industry.

Plate magnets Plate magnet

Plate magnets keep product and equipment free from metal fines and tramp metals. Available with ceramic, rare earth or hybrid magnetic material, MPI plate magnets are found in gravity-fed angled chutes which convey low-to-high product steams. Typically installed “below the flow” where products flow over the magnetic face, plate magnets offer optimal ferrous tramp metal retention in a range of chute applications. MPI plate magnets are available in six standard magnetic strengths, fit most chute applications and range from 4″ to 72″ wide. Optional single- or double-stepped faces protect captured material from being “washed-off” in product flow.

Free-flow magnetFree-flow magnets

Free-flow cylinder magnets and mini- free-flow cylinder magnets capture both large and small tramp metal from high-volume, abrasive, vertical gravity-fed product steams, and are especially well suited for rough-surfaced grains or mining products. MPI free-cylinder magnets feature exclusive heavy duty hexagon-shaped permanent magnet material for maximum ferrous tramp metal retention in product streams where “wash-off” is a problem. Mini free-flow magnets are ideal for tight areas where space is an issue.

Pneumatic Line Magnets Pneumatic line magnet

MPI is the sole provider of a pneumatic line magnet with a sanitary seam-welded construction — critical to food industry processors. Used specifically in dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems, MPI’s exclusive equipment design eliminates the need to replace gaskets. Typical applications for pneumatic line magnets include powder or granular food products, pharmaceuticals, plastics and chemicals conveyed in high-speed, low-density-to-air volume systems. As product is conveyed, it is diverted around the magnet’s nose cone and past the alternating north and south magnetic poles. The tramp metals are captured on and collect behind the sanitary welded, ribbed magnetic poles to minimize tramp metal “wash-off.”  Pneumatic line magnets are available in quick clean (QC) or standard models and with optional rare earth magnetic material.

Sanitary Liquid Conveying System Magnets  Sanitary Liquid Conveying Magnets

Liquid plate trap magnets and liquid finger trap magnets protect product flow lines and pumps by magnetically removing ferrous contaminants from liquid and slurry product streams. Liquid line magnets provide purification of fluids and tramp metal separation for a variety of wet food processing industries, from liquid and strained products to viscous and heavy fibrous products. Liquid line magnets are available in line sizes from 1-1/2″ to 8″ diameter.

Suspended Magnets Suspended magnet

Suspended permanent and electromagnetic separators produce the most effective removal of unwanted tramp iron from heavy burdened depths of material being conveyed on a fast-moving conveyor belt. Captured tramp metal accumulates across the entire magnetic face, substantially increasing the amount of metal contaminant that can be retained. MPI suspended magnets are built for extremely rugged environments.

Grate Magnets and Tube Magnets Grate magnet

The MPI’s grate magnets remove medium and small-size ferrous tramp metal contaminants from dry, granular free-flowing product streams in gravity-fed vertical chutes, hoppers, housings, surge or catch bins. Easy to clean and install, grate magnets offer efficient, economical magnetic protection of processing equipment while also improving product purity. MPI’s magnetic tubes are commonly used to remove small-to-medium-sized ferrous tramp metal contaminant from a variety of product streams.

Eddy Current Separators Eddy Current Separator

MPI’s proven eddy current technology ensures higher separation rates, which means superior final product quality. As well as offering free in-house product testing for eddy current applications, MPI also builds eddy current rotors for customers who operate or brand their own material recycling facilities and system equipment. Eddy current separators can be used wherever nonferrous metals have to be recovered or separated. Common applications include:

  • trash and municipal waste processing
  • auto shredding
  • beverage can sorting
  • glass and foundry sand recovery
  • window recycling
  • plastic recycling
  • electronics recycling
  • scrap wood recycling

Separation Rolls/
Magnetic Head Pulleys  Separation Roll / Magnetic Head Pulley

MPI’s separation rolls/magnetic head pulleys automatically remove large and small ferrous tramp metal from material that travels on conveyer systems.  Separation rolls provide continuous, 24/7 automatic removal of tramp iron from material flow and are built to withstand even the most demanding applications. Available face widths range from 8″ to 62″; available roll diameters range from 4″ to 36″.

Drum Magnets Drum magnet

MPI’s magnetic drum separators and housing provide trouble-free automatic extraction of tramp iron from heavy flows of large size and abrasive materials such as coal, aggregates, ores, sugarcane and others.  Drum separators boast permanent ceramic 8 magnet material, stainless steel construction and easy removal of drum from the drive side access panel for service and maintenance (if required), without removing the housing from the line.

Pull Test Kit Pull test kit

Whether using separation equipment, holding or fixturing magnets or an automated part handling system, you must be able to inspect and monitor the performance of your magnets to maintain quality and ensure optimal performance. Magnetic pull test kits provide a simple, straight-forward method to check magnet performance. Available with a digital scale (PTK-D44) or spring-loaded analog scale (PTK series), MPI pull test kits are reliable and easy-to-use, and are built to withstand the rigors of a production environment. All pull test kits are packaged in a hardsided foam-packed carrying case that includes easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.


Metal Detectors

Magnetic Products, Inc. offers the full line of Cassel next-generation industrial metal detectors. Cassel’s exclusive “Four-Quadrant” technology allows its industrial metal detectors to readily adjust settings to find metals in even the most “difficult” products such as cheese or high-salt-content foods. By finding even the smallest particles of ferrous, nonferrous and stainless steel contaminants, Cassel metal detectors assist food processors and other manufacturers to safeguard both final product and processing equipment. Over 5,000 Cassel metal detectors are installed worldwide with technical service performed by factory-trained support staff in more than 40 countries. MPI is the exclusive North American distributor for Cassel metal detectors and checkweighers for the food, pharmaceutical, plastics, aggregate, recycling and mining industries.

Main features of Cassel metal detectors:

  • A digital signal processor (DSP) provides a precise digital signal, allowing the metal detector to distinguish smaller metal objects
  • A direct digital synthesizer (DDS) replaces traditional quartz or analog oscillating chips used to generate frequency by digitally generating a consistently stable frequency and phase, preventing drift
  • By combining the attributes of DDS (reliability) and DSP (sensitivity), Cassel offers the only 100% digital metal detector on the market today
  • A digital dynamic noise filter reduces or eliminates electronic and vibration signals in the environment, creating a more reliable signal
  • Digital balance control adjusts for temperature and humidity fluctuations by monitoring coil balance more than 200 times per second

Metal detectors for
fooConveyor metal detectord

The evolution of global food safety standards is a constant reminder of the importance of maintaining product quality and the need to ensure that final products are contaminant-free. To assist food manufacturers to meet these ever-increasing standards, MPI offers a complete line of metal detectors used to safeguard products and processing equipment from foreign contaminants.

Metal detectors for recyclingMetal detector for recycling

MPI offers a complete line of Cassel metal detectors to the recycling industry.

Metal detectors for mining and aggregatesMetal detector for mining and aggregates

Cassel metal detectors are built to meet the rigorous demands of the mining and aggregates industry.

Metal detectors for plastics and rubberMetal detector for plastic and rubber

MPI offers a number of metal detectors designed exclusively for the plastics and rubber industry.

Ultra-high sensitivity metal detectorsUltra-high sensitivity metal detector

Cassel’s ultra-high sensitivity metal detector provides maximum detection of magnetic and nonmagnetic contaminants. Able to accommodate tight space requirements, the ultra-high sensitivity metal detector features an aluminum alloy housing fabricated to IP67 standards including a mounting frame and holding plate for an optional signal horn and lamp. The metal detector boasts an FDA quality PVDF plastic downspout.

Metal detectors for forestryMetal detector for forestry

MPI supplies metal detectors to sawmills, planer mills, pulp and paper mills, engineered wood plants and secondary and ancillary industries. Available are the exclusive VT/ST three-sided metal detector, COMBI metal detector, whole log metal detector and flat plate metal detector. All are designed to protect expensive processing equipment from damage and keep product metal-free.

Cassel X-ray Detection SystemsX-ray detection system for large products

Cassel X-ray systems detect glass, stone, bone, dense plastic, rubber, stainless steel, aluminum, Teflon and PVC contaminants. Additionally, these systems detect packages with less than established product count, voids and air bubbles, product shape irregularities and product clumps.

Ensuring reliable operation and high sensitivity, X-ray detection systems provide accurate, real-time and detailed analysis of products.  X-ray systems are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

X-ray systems can be integrated into production lines or used off-line.

Industry complianceCompact X-ray system
To comply with vendor certification program and satisfy HACCP requirements, X-ray systems can be furnished with a certified statistical process control package to automatically collect and store data and images.

Remote maintenance
X-ray systems can be set up and diagnosed via the Internet, allowing for best-in-class service worldwide.

Easy, straight-forward operation
System software automatically adjusts settings to produce an up-to-the-minute X-ray and automatically checks for product contamination or anomalies.

Easy maintenanceX-ray detection system
Components are clearly labeled and organized, allowing for quick maintenance.

Easy cleaning
The conveyor belt, available with a quick release option, and stainless steel frame can be quickly and easily cleaned.

High throughput
Accurate X-ray images are produced even at very high belt speeds.